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If you’re part of a book club, this is your page. If you bought this book and you are interested in meeting me about future book club, I will join you.  Meeting friends to drink coffee or tea while talking about this book sounds great to me.

Here are some questions to spur on great conversations.

  1. What is different from your own culture? What do you find most astonishing, fascinating or difficult to understand?
  2. Talk about specific passages that struck you as significant or interesting, profound, disturbing, or sad.
  3. What have you learned after reading this book, if so what, If not, why did the book failed as a teaching tool? Has it broadened or changed your perception about the new immigrant community?
  4. Have you learned anything new about yourself by reading this book? Please share.
  5. Has the book made you want to learn more about a specific topic? What? Why?
  6. If this book was intended to teach the reader something, did it do well?
  7. If the author raised / discussed problems or issues, did she also provide clear solutions? Do you agree with these solutions or are there other solutions out there that you know the author did not mention in her book?
  8. What suggestions do you have for the author?
  9. Do the topics covered in this book remind you of anything else that is happening in the world right now? How are they similar and how are they different?
  10. After reading the book, has the book Club group’s interest been piqued about the subject matter? If so, would the group contemplate reading more on the topic in the future?
  11. Did you know anything about barriers and challenges new immigrants face prior to reading this book? What preconceived opinions did you have and did these change after reading the book?
  12. What made this book different than other books on this subject?

Have a question for the author?

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If you’d like the feedback of the author through a live or Skype visit to your book club, email me.

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