Hudda Ibrahim
From Somalia to Snow

Hudda Ibrahim
Author, Educator, Speaker
Founder & President of Filsan Talant Partners LLC

What Color Is My Hijab
What Color is My Hijab?

Hudda Ibrahim
Author, Educator, Speaker
Founder & President of Filsan Talant Partners LLC


About the Author

Hudda Ibrahim

Hudda Ibrahim, Ed.D candidate at Saint Mary’s University. She’s a faculty member at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, where she teaches diversity and social justice.

She has written three other unpublished books: The Traveler:  True Grit ,  a memoir about her work, contributions, and life journey; Get in the Driving Seat of Your Own Life: Steps to Unleash Women’s Confidence, a book that encourages girls and women to pursue their God-given potential and understand their abilities in order to flourish and be successful in the United States; Gender and Sexuality: Static or Fluid? and The Role of the Traditional Somali Model in Peacemaking, based on her MA thesis. She’s working on a Teen books, Muslim Teens Stuck Between Two Cultures, a book that explores confused identity, generation gap between foreign-born parents and their kids born and raised in the United States, and Hijabi Heroine, Teen & Young Adult Superhero Fiction, where the Hijabi-Super Heroine uses her power to save  girls from early marriages and encourages them to go to school.

She holds a master’s degree in peace studies from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor’s degree in peace and conflict studies and English literature from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota.


On weekends, Hudda mentors a cohort of young Somali women. She strives to be known as an engaging and effective advocate for the educational and social needs of students and adults throughout an increasingly large and diverse community. In her spare time, she reads books and magazines.

Book Club

If you’re part of a book club, you’re in the right place! If you bought this book and you are interested in meeting me about future book clubs, I would be happy to join you.  Meeting friends to drink coffee or tea while talking about this book sounds great to me.


If you’re part of a book club, this is your page. If you bought this book and you are interested in meeting me about future book club, I will join you. Meeting friends to drink coffee or tea while talking about this book sounds great to me.

Here are some questions to spur on great conversations.

    1. What is different from your own culture? What do you find most astonishing, fascinating or difficult to understand?
    2. Talk about specific passages that struck you as significant or interesting, profound, disturbing, or sad.
    3. What have you learned after reading this book, if so what, If not, why did the book failed as a teaching tool? Has it broadened or changed your perception about the new immigrant community?
    4. Have you learned anything new about yourself by reading this book? Please share.
    5. Has the book made you want to learn more about a specific topic? What? Why?
    6. If this book was intended to teach the reader something, did it do well?
    7. If the author raised / discussed problems or issues, did she also provide clear solutions? Do you agree with these solutions or are there other solutions out there that you know the author did not mention in her book?
    8. What suggestions do you have for the author?
    9. Do the topics covered in this book remind you of anything else that is happening in the world right now? How are they similar and how are they different?
    10. After reading the book, has the book Club group’s interest been piqued about the subject matter? If so, would the group contemplate reading more on the topic in the future?
    11. Did you know anything about barriers and challenges new immigrants face prior to reading this book? What preconceived opinions did you have and did these change after reading the book?
    12. What made this book different than other books on this subject?

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From Somalia to Snow

From Somolia to Snow

At  a time when United States citizens are being told to fear their Muslim neighbors, where does the truth lie? In this powerful book, Hudda Ibrahim unpacks the immigration narrative of Somali Americans and explains why nearly 20 percent have chosen to settle in Minnesota.

From Somalia to Snow gives readers an invaluable insider’s look into the lives and culture of our Somali neighbors and the important challenges they face. Designed with a diverse audience in mind, this book is a must-read for students, health-care professionals, business owners, social service agencies, and anyone who wants to better understand Somali people in Minnesota.

Discover inside:

Why thousands of Somali refugees came to live in this cold, snowy area with people of predominantly European descent.

Answers to questions like, are Somali Americans contributing to the economy or draining resources from the community? Are they assimilating or trying to impose their culture and religion on American mainstream society?

The challenges facing Somali businesses and their growing role in Saint Cloud

An introduction to Somali culture, Islamic beliefs, and the roles they play in Somalis’ lives

Somali beliefs and practices regarding health, and some of the issues in their medical care

What Color is My Hijab?

“What Color is My Hijab?” is a children’s book written to inspire young people to achieve great things. This book is about more than just the hijab, it’s about teaching children the importance of diversity. It is also about how young girls can wear the headscarf and be somebody—be creative, smart, professional women when they grow up.

Minnesota publisher Beaver’s Pond Press released What Color is My Hijab? in April 2020. The book was written by Hudda Ibrahim and illustrated by Meenal Patel, an artist who resides in California. Ibrahim says fulfilling her niece’s wish for a children’s book with characters that look like her wasn’t her only motivation for writing and publishing the book.


Learn inside:

If we teach kids about diversity when they are very young, when they get to college they will see others as the same rather than different.

What constitutes a hijab can be just as diverse as the women who wear it.

Little kids of all faiths, of all cultures, and all backgrounds can learn something about why their friends are wearing the headscarf.

Want to order Hudda’s books for your school, bookstore, nonprofit, or community center? The author is committed to contributing to the diversity in children’s literature and will offer bulk order discounts to any organization with the same mission.

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